Video Submission Software

Read just how powerful the VideoSWIPER software really is

Video Submission Software

VideoSWIPER is an online video application for mass uploading videos to any video website running one of the supported video script we have built API’s for.

If you want to start automating your video uploads rather than manually uploading videos all day long then you need this video application as it will do all your video uploading tasks for you while you sit back and relax.

The VideoSWIPER Video Submission Software simply plugs directly into your website via an API which you upload to your server, once this process is complete you are ready to connect your website to start searching, saving and submitting videos to your own video websites.

This batch video uploader now has the biggest video collection cached online with a whopping 1.5 billion ready to use videos in the database but if that’s not enough then this Video Submission Software also comes complete with 50 top video search engines that you can also swipe content from all day long.

Imagine connecting your video website to this video submission software and never having to worry about finding videos to upload ever again, the system allows for unlimited usage monthly with unlimited accounts which means you can add all your video websites to the system and have videos uploaded to them all day and night using the automated drip feeding system.

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VideoSwiper Mass Upload Adult Videos

What is VideoSwiper?

Video Swiper is a revolutionary new tool that will quickly and easily allow you to add content to your media sites and is 100% compatible with most top video community scripts found online..

Lets face it, the hardest thing about running a video site is adding fresh new content everyday. It is just way to time consuming. First you have to find a good site then search for videos. Then when you find a good one you have to download it to your desktop and then upload it to your site and enter title, description and tags. Just to do one video can easily take ten to fifteen minutes.

Well, with Video Swiper, all that tedious work is a thing of the past…

Here is what Video Swiper does. Just login to your Video Swiper account, enter a keyword into the search tool …and simultaneously search 30 different video sites for content. You can view the content right from your Video Swiper account and add as many videos to your Video Swiper account as you like. Then one at a time or mass edit your titles, descriptions and tags and with the push of a button upload all this fresh new content right to your site. You could easily add thousands of content rich videos to your site every single day in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.

More content means more traffic. It’s that simple really. The more content you have the more pages you get indexed in the search engines. The more pages indexed the more traffic you receive. And what does more traffic mean? More Money Of Course!